This page is dedicated to a world I have been developing, mostly in my head, for a number of years. Loosely based on a number of other imaginary world, most notably (and recently) that in which Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita takes place.

General world info

Utopian societies of high tech and long life. The products of social engineering on a massive scale and the most direct result of the Break. They are set up at the top of the social scale. The citizens are all peaceful to the point where the use of violence would never occur to them. This pacifism is not the case outside the domes, and this is where the fanatically loyal defensive forces are recruited from. No immigration is allowed because the tremendously succesful social engineering would be impossible outside of the closed environment.

Farming and manufacturing communities serving the domes. Supplies are secured and thoroughly searched by the dome's fearsome security forces before being allowed into the domes. The settlements are usually ruled by a mayor elected by a sort of community council, but these mayors are lower on the social scale than the security forces. It becomes obvious who actually rules as soon as one looks beneath the surface, which may be the reason why so few look beneath that surface. Being outside the domes, the occupants of the settlements tend to be like us in temperment and are just as prone to violence as we tend to be.

Home to ruined pre-break citys, lost technologies, tribes of back to nature types, and strange creatures. The only hope for those forced to flee the influence of the domes is to attempt to eek out a living in these wild lands far from civilization. It is rumored that there are ancient centers of learning hidden far out among the ruins.

The last remnants of knowledge from before the Break outside of the domes. These are the centers of learning rumored to exist in the wilds, although they tend to stay away from the ruins appart from the occasional expedition. These colleges are more loose organisations of individuals than established places of study.

Old World concepts which I may or may not include


Set out to bring perfect harmony between the mind and body. There are two types in the movement: Cerebs and Physicos. Cerebs concentrate on mental control. Perfect memory, accelerated learning, and hypnotic conditioning are the main focus of their training. Physocos are the masters of biocontrol. They can be faster, stronger, and see farther and better. They need very little sleep and can go for days without food with no ill effects, given the proper preparation. They can also slow their metabolism, bringing on a comatose state in which drugs and nutrients are processed at a very slow rate, reducing the effects of toxins, gasses, and limited oxygen. The Mentals participate in the teaching of the physicos, instilling them with the means to quickly activate their powers and conditioning them to specific control phrases to feel pain, to sleep, and to freeze when the phrases are said with the proper phrasing.

Mage marks - tattoos which instill power into the possesor

rejection: happens when someone gets too many mage-marks. The amount varies by individual. Sometimes the marks just disapear, sometimes they spread throughtout the body, providing great and unpredictable magical effects at the price of sanity and life. burnout.

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